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It’s always great to see a new business out in the Tiny Towns. #welovetinytowns. Tonight we were invited out to Kalbar to try 2m8’s BBQ, who I’d like to also welcome as our newest sponsor!! Welcome to the crew guys!! We even got to see the engine room. These guys work hard in the heat to bring you quality BBQ!!

I always get a thrill when I walk into a venue and I’m instantly recognised (good times). I even got a hug! I asked them to prepare for me whatever they wanted to show case and with that I was invited to sit down. I took a seat out on the footpath in the cool night air and watched cars come and go. The whole time I was there folks were coming from all around to get their hands on what was coming out of that big ol’ cooker in the engine room. In fact the food is so good that people come down from Toowoomba to grab a feed.

I was sitting there waiting for my food to come and got to thinking about what a terrible inconvenience it was that they were situated directly across the the road from the only pub in town. Terrible shame really. I, of course, went across the road after dinner because, well you know it felt like the right thing to do.

Alright! Let’s talk about the food. We all know it was pretty bloody good so I’m not going to bore you with details but it would be a crying shame if I didn’t talk to you about those chicken wings. Not quite what I was expecting (keeping in mind that, at this point, I had not read the menu). They were sweet, sticky and delicious! But here’s the thing they had a sauce on them that I couldn’t immediately place. It was a chilli mango sauce. Very tropical indeed and bloody good chewin’.

So there it is guys! I reckon these folks will do alright in Kalbar and I reckon you should go and check ‘em out for yourselves.

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