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I love these little food adventures and I love sharing them with you even more and, on this occasion, it really was a bit of an adventure. I mean I had to find the place first and I have to say that this is not the Moorooka I remember! There’s so much going on here. I probably wouldn’t have noticed the changes so much if I hadn’t discovered that the restaurant we attended was a BYO. No beer in house so I decided to go for a walk. Rather fortuitous you might say because there are some neat little food outlets tucked away in this little precinct.
For tonight though we have Ethiopian. Arhibu Ethiopian and Eritrean Restaurant
So, let’s tuck in. Oh and get this, before I go any further, five adults for only $150. Wow!! That’s amazing value.
What did we order?
Springs rolls (Now I need to point out these are not Asian spring rolls)
A delicious combination of vegetables and lentils combined with Eritrean herbs and spices hand wrapped in pastry and served golden brown with home-made dip.
Sambusa Beef
Crispy Fillo parcels filled with beef mince, onions, coriander, herbs and spices accompanied with home-made dip
Injera & Dips
Sourdough flatbread with choice of three home-made vegetable dips: Silsi, baba ghanouj with peanut butter, yoghurt cucumber and garlic.
Go Red (Cubed Beef)
Cubed meat cooked with butter and Awaze sauce.
I loved this little place. It’s so nice to immerse yourself in these cultural experiences and I’ve never tried Ethiopian food before so I was definitely up for an adventure. Great to have staff there also to guide you through the menu. For instance, when I ordered my main , I was informed that, first off it’s spicy 🌶; (Cool no problem) and second that the meat is not technically cooked. Ok stop the bus!! 🚌. What do you mean it’s not cooked? A few moments of rapid spinning on behalf of my hard drive and I decided, you know what, I’m in! Cmon bring it on, I’m game. The food came out and whilst the dish could definitely be called rare, the cubes of beef were warmed and they were beautifully spiced. I don’t know how, but, using a very small quantity of ingredients, the chef (whom I got to meet by the way) has managed to pack an incredible amount of flavour into this dish. I’ll definitely be ordering that again.
It’s one thing to produce spicy food but, if it’s all heat and no flavour then what’s the point. At Arhibu, everything that came out of the kitchen was an absolute flavour bomb 💣. You really need to take the time to gather a small group of friends and go and visit this restaurant. It’s a very social food experience - that is to say, it’s mainly platters and it’s all about the sharing. There are vegan and vegetarian options and definitely plenty there for meat lovers like myself.
We had an amazing time and the coffee and popcorn at the end of the meal just brought the evening to a perfect finish. I sincerely hope that my photos have done justice to this wonderful food experience and I’d love to hear from you if this story has inspired you to get out and try any of the venues I write about.
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