Char'd Dining at The PA Hotel Ipswich.

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Recently we popped into the PA for a hot meal. It’s a very popular spot and I figured it was time to pick something off the menu and give you guys a bit of rundown. Now I could have gone for Ribs or the wings or surf and turf, but why go Surf 'n Turf when you can go Chicken and Red Claw? What a fantastic Aussie combination.
Potato and leek Soup.
Soup of the day -$11
A super pleasant soup and perfect for this time of year. Add to that those tw,o generous portions of garlic bread and I’m pretty much content. I did also have a sneaky pint of Furphy.
Chicken & Red Claw
Chicken breast , two garlic buttered red claw halves creamy mashed potato, basil pesto and hollandaise sauce $35
Cue the uplifting melodies folks, this was really enjoyable! The chicken was moist and flavoursome and the herby aromatic smells that one might normally reserve for a lamb roast took this bird to the next level, and that skin, albeit a little salty, I loved it and that beautiful creamy mash easily balanced out the salt. The broccolini added freshness and was perfectly steamed and what a treat to have those two sensational halves of Red Claw on the plate (that I’m led to believe are locally sourced).
My food was really enjoyable and from the way Sharon demolished the creamy garlic prawns, l’m assuming hers was pretty good too. I never even got a look in. I was,however, disappointed to see that wait staff no longer take your order and that you need to either order at the bar or use the QR CODE. We used the QR code but there is a fee to do so. My personal preference for the future might be to order at the bar.
Will I be back? Absolutely! Really enjoyable tucker and I left full and satisfied.
Thanks to Char'd Dining at The PA Hotel Ipswich for their hospitality.
Also thanks to
Your Planning Partners & EnviroChill for making this review possible.
Updated 5 months ago.
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