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I’ve spotted this place a few times as I’m driving around doing what I do and finally it got the better of me and I thought I’d pop in for a sneaky preview.
I‘ve got to say that Ipswich is definitely stepping up to the plate (See what I did there) when it comes to food. Our choice of restaurants now is absolutely phenomenal. Ipswich is turning it on and now it is my great pleasure to introduce a new player in the Indian food scene and they have definitely come up to the mark with a slightly modern twist on some Indian classics. As always , I’m sure what you want to know is what came out to our table tonight, so here we go.
House special (off the menu treat).
Murg malai kebab (chicken and cheese )
Samosa chaat. (Pretty sure; this one’s vegetarian)
Before we go any further, I have to make a few comments about these two dishes. You know that involuntary noise you make when you put something so tasty in your mouth that you can’t contain your excitement. Like that little bit of wee that comes out of your puppies when they are happy to see you. (Clean up aisle 6). Yes boys and girls it was just that good. Ok let’s move along to the mains.
Lamb Methi Malai: Almond and cashew nut gravy cooked with fenugreek and mild spices.
Beef Pepper Masala: Slow cooked pepper marinated beef and tossed with an onion and capsicum and finished with a tomato based sauce.
(I loved the warmth of the spice that was allowed to shine through without killing the flavour of the dish.)
Breads - Chilli and Cheese Naan
Now before I go any further, I must admit that my bread basket was well and truly full. But, when they brought out the dessert menu, I decided that Sharon and I would make the ultimate sacrifice, take a hit for the team, and try the bloody desserts. How good was it? What a great way to end a sensational meal.
The staff here really turned it on for us, they made sure we had everything we possibly needed and answered all our questions. There was not one of them who didn’t have a full knowledge of the menu and were able to explain the risks involved in putting a modern twist on the traditional indian cuisine. What can I say? Fortune favours the brave, fantastic job and we will definitely be seeing you again.
Updated 5 months ago.
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