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Ok! So this place caught my attention when a simple dress code got some keyboards clacking furiously with all sorts of feedback. So what did I do? I chucked on a fresh polo and a pair thongs (leather dress thongs of course), threw the Mrs in car and away we went. Oh, quick side note, not a bad idea to book over the phone whilst the Covid thing still hangs around.

Now I wouldn’t mind betting that you’re curious about those photos right? Well let’s get stuck in.


Roasted garlic, herb and Parmesan Cobb

Chive pan flat bread with house relishes


Twice cooked pork belly, smoked beetroot relish, roasted root vegetables.

Sesame crusted salmon fillets, Asian vegetable omelette with soy broth.

Unfortunately the Redclaw that caught my eye on the menu was out of season but that Pork Belly and the crackling! I popped that salty delight in my mouth and I reckon the crunch registered on the Richter scale! Loved the root veggies and that beetroot relish far outweighed my expectations. I certainly don’t mind admitting that I mopped up my plate with a bit of that beautiful Cobb loaf.

​I have to say though that the thing I enjoyed the most was the flat bread and when they say pan flat bread they mean hot off the pan! Watch you don’t burn your digits as your dive into what I found to be a really tasty appetiser.

The cost ? A little over $70 plus drinks. Full tummies and big smiles all round.

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Updated 5 months ago.
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