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So, recently my kids rounded us up and took us into the big smoke. I don’t get in that way much because I much prefer the wide open road, but they know I love fun new food experiences and this place definitely fits the brief.

I’m not going to worry too much about the food today except to say that everything that came out was delicious 🤤. You order from a touch screen where you can see photos of the food and, I should point out, unlike some, shall we say, fast food joints, the food actually looks like the food in the photo. There’s a novel idea!! So tempted to ramble on here but I think you get the idea.

What makes this restaurant fun and unique is that each food item that you order comes out on a little train and when it arrives you remove your dish then press the button to return the train to the kitchen. Depending on where you sit you may even have your food brought to you by a robot. I mean I’ve seen this kind of thing in the movies but never in real life.

These guys have a full liquor license and there’s a neat selection of cocktails for you to try, if that’s something you’d like. But here’s what I liked, the price! For four adults including drinks the bill came to less than $200 - that’s $50 a head for dinner and drinks happy days!

There’s a video of the train on our Instagram page.

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