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So, I’ll admit I’m a little biased when it comes to this restaurant because it’s been kind of like watching them grow up, having first met them at their street van out the front of their house during the Covid period.

This time I was lured through La Parrilla’s doors by the promise of dessert. But you can’t have dessert unless you eat all your dinner and with a fresh new menu, I was all in. Let’s see what came to the table.

​I ordered number 12 on the menu, The Black Angus Burger (normally only available at lunch time) and I was immediately offered an upgrade - I saw value for money so I promptly agreed. Placed in front of me was a magnificent looking burger comprising of 180gm grilled Angus beef patty, onion rings, cheese, pickles (Served on the inside of the bun where it BELONGS), lettuce, tomato, red onion, tomato sauce and mustard on a fresh brioche bun. The upgrade means it was accompanied by fries, 3 chicken wings, a modest salad and a drink.

So how much flavour can you put on a bun? Answer - La Parrilla Black Angus Burger. This was a good burger and I mean good! It wasn’t ridiculously large and over stuffed with fillings like some that you see and don’t get me wrong it’s a decent size but just not over done. I sometimes wonder if we haven’t lost our way when it comes to what constitutes a good burger. In this case, for my money, I’d definitely go again- every bite had me thirsting for the next. It was juicy, full of flavour and easy to manage with regards to the mess that often comes with a burger. Combination of flavours was bang on - I gotta be honest I just really liked it.

​Sharon ordered the grilled baguette and by the way she was talking I half wished I had one of those too. But too prevent the whole eyes bigger than the belly thing I opted for a small bite of hers instead (which she very begrudgingly gave up). I gotta say that’s a bloody good sandwich - Smokey pulled pork, chipotle sauce, cheese, onion and sour cream. I reckon it would easily find a home on a wholesome breakfast menu too. But that’s just my opinion.

​The dessert. Two spoons waiter if you please.

Mango Pana Cotta with seasonal fruit. I love the addition of fruits to a dessert and just quietly I’m a bit of a strawberry fan and to get fresh strawberries and mango in a perfect Panacotta well that’s heaven on a stick or in this case a clever little tub.

Well that’s dinner. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little write up and I look forward to sharing my next food experience with you all soon.

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Updated 5 months ago.
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