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Okay guys this is how you do social food. A couple of beers and a table loaded with fresh, tasty middle eastern cuisine. Just the right atmosphere for a bit of a catch up and a chin wag.

So with my surgery looming we decided to get scooter out of the shed one last time and do a night ride via Mount Crosby Road down into Indooroopilly. It would seem however that the gods had other plans, you know, lightning, thunder, that kind of stuff. Now I have to admit that the big hairy alpha male doesn’t generally head to Indooroopilly when it comes to a place to go for a ride but, if that’s where the food is, then that’s where we’re going. So what’s on the menu?

Sambousek Cheese

Pumpkin Kibbeh

Platter for two

Creme Brûlée

Rice Pudding and

Turkish Delight

Food enough for 3 , extremely enjoyable and very affordable.

Keep an eye out for a few surprises as we explore what we like to call The 2 Hour Circle.

Updated 5 months ago.
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