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It takes considerable courage to go into business these days and more courage still to step outside of the box. Anyone can go ahead and open a burger joint but this place is a little bit Rock n’ Roll!

We immersed ourselves into the atmosphere from the moment we sat at our booth. It was easy for me to imagine that I was perhaps on the set of Happy Days. I do love a nostalgic food adventure and whilst the young lady who runs the place is still building on her dream, the Rock n Roll Diner and Takeaway is well on its way to becoming one of Ipswich’s very cool dining hot spots.

Ok now I promised to talk about the burger. I ordered The Big Bopper (works steak burger): ribeye steak, rasher bacon, fried egg, lettuce, tomato, tasty cheese, home-made slaw, tomato relish on a 5” sesame seed bun. Add to that a creaming soda and ice cream ( I haven’t had a spider since I was a kid - love it ) and a side of chips.

The thing I worry about when ordering a steak sandwich/burger is that first bite. The bite where your jaws lock onto the steak and you stretch that sucker out to the full length of your arms all the while squeezing the life out of the burger in the hope that the integrity holds and you don’t have to rebuild the thing because the steak was as tough as shoe leather. Well boys and girls, that didn’t happen. Even Elvis breathed a sigh of relief and Fats Domino stopped the music as my first bite was a complete symphony of flavours and the only thing that fell to the plate was the burger sauce. Now here’s a little something that I like to do. I always strategically place my chips to catch the sauce so that I get to enjoy the flavour of the burger a second time round with the added bonus of a beautifully cooked potato chip.

I’m glad I stopped in and I’m told I should stop in for breakfast sometime so I might just do that. One last thing before I go. There’s a photo on the wall of Groucho Marx and he’s with a lady in the picture and I cannot for the life of me remember her name. If you have the answer please leave a comment below.

Updated 5 months ago.
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