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|| All you can eat !! ||

The Barn Family Restaurant

After a day of running around like a mad man I decided I wanted something simple. Nothing too flash, just quick and easy. So I looked at the list of restaurants on my whiteboard at home and decided on the buffet. Yes!! As you may have read in previous articles the buffet is back!!

These guys do things a little differently though, in that the service team put your food on the plate for you. All you have to do is tell them what you want; selecting from the range of fresh and delicious treats laid out before your hungry eyes. I really liked that idea. That meant that I didn’t have to be the one fishing out the tongs that the previous guest left resting in the coleslaw. We’ve all been there. But that doesn’t happen here because the friendly staff serve the food.

So what’s on my plate I hear you ask?
A beautiful beef brisket
Honey soy chicken wings
Caesar salad
Potato salad
Pickled onions made in house. (These were so sweet and delicious I asked if I could buy some to take home.)
Diced beetroot.

In fact most everything is made in house and the chef was quite chuffed that I’d asked to take home his pickled onions.

Sharon chose more from the hot section, having the most delicious slow cooked lamb with honey carrots, corn cobs and even Smokey Mac and Cheese. She was so impressed with the lamb, she went back for seconds.

The food here is of a very high standard and the service is wonderful, I really couldn’t have asked for more and I think I spent a little less than $60 (including drinks and coffee) on dinner for two very tired, very busy people. My compliments to the management and staff. Job well done.

The selection of foods is modest, but plentiful, with something for everyone. The desserts were a return to the simple things in life and who doesn’t love that. And hey if you can’t decide what to have, it’s an all you can eat. Have one of each right !

Get out there and see for yourselves I say.

See you here next Sunday for my take on another venue.

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