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Are you tempted to come and stay in Ipswich yet? Have I tempted you to base yourself here and explore? Have I challenged you to come and see just how big my backyard really is? Well, if not, I’m sure our next video will get you out of your chair. In the meantime we’ve been enjoying the fruits of our labor with even more amazing food.

Read on and we’ll see what’s on the menu tonight...

​Crispy Pork Belly with sweet potato and coconut purée served on a blanched banana leaf with apple slaw and a sticky sauce.

Sounds good right? Well it was better than good. The first thing I dived into was that beautiful coleslaw, it was crisp and tasty and I knew even before I asked the waitress that it was made in house. It was too good not to be. I also loved the fact that it wasn’t drowned in sauce. Now the pork belly. I very gently lifted the crispy skin away and popped it to one side. Trust me kids it worth the wait. I sliced off a bite size piece of meat and dipped in into that sweet potato purée and have mercy! That by itself was heaven on a stick. More coleslaw, more sauce and finally I return to that piece of crispy skin. I reckon if I had a plate full of those and a cold beer I’d be doin’ alright. What a crispy crunchy little flavour bomb - ladies and gentlemen, do try the pork belly.

​Smoked 300gram rump with chips and salad. I also opted for onion rings and garlic prawns. With the BBQ scene running so hot at the moment I couldn’t help but pull this one off the menu. I was a little unsure to what I’d get with it being smoked so I ordered rare to medium and boys and girls that’s exactly what I got. It came off the grill perfectly and landed on my plate. I loved the Smokey flavour and it really did melt in the mouth. Anything after that was just a bonus. The chips were perfect, I loved the garlic prawns and colour me happy the garden salad had a dressing! I’m sorry to report though, as tempted as I was, I had absolutely no room for dessert.

​A big thank you to the staff for being so happy and attentive. We could not be happier. Great venue, great service.

Oh by the way Sharon tells me the pepper sauce on her steak was pretty amazing too.

​Our next video is due out soon, I promise, so keep checking the page or hit the like button for notifications.


Updated 5 months ago.
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