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I’ve been eating out in Ipswich for the better part of thirty years and in that time I have definitely been lucky enough to watch the food scene evolve and it’s safe to say I know the difference between a good meal and an average one. Tonight my culinary curiosity lead me here. I was curious to know if I was going to be confronted by the standard roast of the day kind of thing from days gone by or if I was going to be treated to something more modern and I’m happy to say that these guys have really stepped it up.

​The restaurant within the club is called the Longhorn bar and grill so you can pretty much guarantee that steak was going to be on the menu. I gotta say this place is busy. I sat in my dimly lit corner of the restaurant and watched meals fly out of the kitchen and you talk about food envy! Goodness I wished I ordered what they ordered about five times before I got what I ordered. Great looking food everywhere I looked.

​Ok let’s pause for a second so that we can compare apples with apples. This venue is a club, so you’re still going to get meat raffles and trivia nights and all the things you’d expect to enjoy from this style of venue and you’ll enjoy it in a modern and spacious environment which has improved on the previous decor.

So what came to my table you ask...

​I ordered soup of the day - potato and leak soup served with garlic bread. I was a little surprised to see it there at this time of year but I was keen to give it crack. It was smooth, creamy and delicious and the garlic bread just took it to the next level. Let’s not tell the chef that I added a little salt and pepper though.

​200 gram rump and lobster drizzled in garlic butter and served with salad and fries. The salad was a modest, crisp garden salad and I’m so pleased that someone was kind enough to add a simple dressing. Is it just me or has that fallen away lately. Sometimes the salad is drowned in dressing or there’s no dressing. Guys thank you for adding a little dressing to my salad. Great steak ! I opted for a garlic sauce and my only regret was failing to order a bread roll to mop up the sauce with,and here’s the kicker, they had fresh baked bread rolls on the menu and I didn’t see it. I was concerned that the lobster was going to be a little dry as it sometimes is when served in this combination, but I’m happy to say that the flesh was moist and tender and super enjoyable.

​I was lucky enough to try a piece of Sharon’s Crumbed Camembert served with cranberry sauce, but I tell you if I’d gone for more than that I might have had a fight on my hands.

I couldn’t help but think to myself as we enjoyed our meals, that there was no way food this good would have been available in the venue of old. Ipswch had definitely risen to the challenge and it’s time you popped in for a visit and exercised your knife and fork muscles.

​So,as always, I’ve added some photos for you. I had a little trouble with lighting but I promise that the food and the experience was very enjoyable, even if my photos are not to the usual standard. Now I’m thinking with all that garlic , I best open some windows before I hit the sack.

So if you’re staying in Ipswich pop into the Longhorn.

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Updated 5 months ago.
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