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We were invited today to have lunch at The Retro Diner and look at what lays before me. Who said you can’t get quality seafood in Ipswich! This seafood is straight off the boat and our host Maria Angeles Parsons was only too happy for us to sample her seafood platter for two. Great value at less then $40 a head.

The platter was a combination of hot and cold seafood, mostly cold. I opted to have the calamari pan fried (fried in garlic butter & herb) and I’m glad I did. But have a look at this - Morton Bay Bugs, half a dozen fresh oysters, tiger prawns, two sand crabs, half a dozen seared scallops served with chips and salad, fish bites and a house made seafood cake, consisting of all the goodies (fish, crab, bugs, prawns and rice).

Ok, so I want to talk about the seafood cake for a moment as it was the thing on the platter that generated the most conversation.

I can definitely see this being served on its own with a fresh garden salad maybe a hand full of chips if you’re so inclined as it was really quite tasty. It did, however, need a sauce of its’ own as part of the platter to compliment it even further. You could go with tartare sauce but I feel a sweet chilli or chilli and garlic sauce would be an even better option.

There you go! We snuck in a couple of cheeky cocktails from the extensive cocktail list, as you do on a very long Friday lunch. Don’t forget if you want to enjoy this delicious seafood platter that you will need to order and book ahead. What a pleasant way to spend a Friday arvo in Ipswich.

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Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check in with us tomorrow for even more interesting stuff as we explore what we like to call “The 2 Hour Circle”.

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